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About me…

I am a visual artist, professional development consultant and creative projects manager. I studied at Sheffield Hallam and Manchester Met, graduating in 1996.  Together with a number of new graduates and lecturers from Sheffield Hallam University, we set up  S1 Artspace where I began to take on administration and curatorial roles. In May 2000 I became the arts programme manager at Yorkshire Artspace where I worked for 14 years, setting up a variety of start-up programmes, an artist residency programme as well as supporting artists at different stages in their careers with professional development advice. In 2014 I resumed my own creative practice.

I also currently work as a part-time arts coordinator for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals where I commission artists from a wide range of disciplines to undertake long-term projects with long-stay patient groups.

I am a Non-Executive Director at Bloc Projects, a not-for-profit creative organisation with educational and charitable aims in the centre of Sheffield. Bloc Pojects support artists at key stages in their careers through an acclaimed contemporary exhibitions programme and a free public programme of talks, heritage projects, workshops and events.


I am interested in why people migrate and how people adapt to new ways of life, cultural changes, different languages.  During and after my studies I became interested in the notion of 'home'- particularly the spaces and boundaries we create within the places we live in.  Part of the construction of the idea of home is to create a notion of being at home, a sense of belonging.  I moved to the UK in 1987 from The Netherlands where I was born but I often forget that it took time and effort to adapt to a new way of life an language.  I am fascinated by the stories of others who migrated and especially the language that is used in debates around the movement of people, objects, plant and animal species.

I am currently working new ideas for a project with journalist Nicole Sante, based in Amsterdam, about the legacy of colonialism, mass migration and cultural diversity in The Netherlands and United Kingdom.  In particular we want to see how societies are enriched visually, over time, taking ownership of objects, visual imagery and patterns that are imported with the arrival of people from different parts of the world.