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About me…

I am a visual artist and creative projects manager. I studied at Sheffield Hallam and Manchester Met, graduating in 1996.  Together with a number of new graduates and lecturers from Sheffield Hallam University, we set up  S1 Artspace where I began to take on administration and curatorial roles. In May 2000 I became the arts programme manager at Yorkshire Artspace where I worked for 14 years, setting up a variety of start-up programmes, an artist residency programme as well as supporting artists at different stages in their careers with professional development advice. In 2014 I resumed my own creative practice.

I also currently work as a part-time arts coordinator for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals where I commission artists from a wide range of disciplines to undertake long-term projects with long-stay patient groups. In 2017 I established the ‘Building Better Healthcare’ award winning ‘In & Out of Hospital art programme.

I am a Non-Executive Director at Bloc Projects, a not-for-profit creative organisation with educational and charitable aims in the centre of Sheffield. Bloc Projects support artists at key stages in their careers through an acclaimed contemporary exhibitions programme and a free public programme of talks, heritage projects, workshops and events.


I am interested in why people migrate and how people adapt to new ways of life, cultural changes, different languages.  During and after my studies I became interested in the notion of 'home'- particularly the spaces and boundaries we create within the places we live in.  Part of the construction of the idea of home is to create a notion of being at home, a sense of belonging.  I moved to the UK in 1987 from The Netherlands where I was born but I often forget that it took time and effort to adapt to a new way of life an language.  I am fascinated by the stories of others who migrated and especially the language that is used in debates around the movement of people, objects, plant and animal species.