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Alien Nation - Iqbal MBE

Diagonally across from the house I live, there is the semi-detached terraced house belonging to the Iqbal family. Mr Iqbal is in his 80s and moved to the UK in his late teens or early twenties He does'n’t know his actual date of birth.

Dancing Belles

A lot has happened in the last month.  The oak stem from Ruskin Land has now been processed at Darley Dale sawmill (picture below) and Henk Littlewood has begun his experiment to steam bend the planks into semi-circular shapes that will then be made into the spherical space in which my pictures will be displayed. 

Project Oak Tree (Working Title)

In October 2014 Henk Littlewood (pictured) and I traveled to Ruskinland near Bewdley to choose an Oak Tree that we intend to uproot and transport to Sheffield where, once it has dried out, we will create a shelter like structure from it that will be decorated inside with vibrant imagery and patterns.